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Meet The “5th Employee” At Infosys, Now With Zimozi

Meet The “5th Employee” At Infosys, Now With Zimozi

This week we had a meeting with Mr S Nagaraj, 5th Employee who joined Infosys in the Year 1983. He has spent 31 Years in Infosys Finance & Admin Department & has seen their journey from Startup to the world’s second-largest IT provider.

He took voluntary retirement after Serving successful 31 Years at Infosys from Bangalore Location & continued to focus on his personal & Family life.

We at Zimozi are excited to say, he is one of us, The Zimozian.

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Infosys is the world’s second-largest IT provider. The company also manages its own IT services, as well as software services for other companies, in areas such as Banking and Financial Services, Automobile, Aviation, Manufacturing and Retail.

But, this is what Infosys is as of today. We were more interested to know about the early years & were having many questions about the same. So, this is how we have started & continued to gain more in-depth knowledge.

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The Key TakeAways from our Discussion:

  1. Discipline – Business will only grow when there is Discipline among the team members. It is very important to maintain it and follow it.
  2. Process – Not only for business but having a process for an Individual as well for any Corporate is essential. Every activity is having a pattern. If we understand it, we can define the process to complete it with perfection.
  3. Learn from Failures & never afraid to try again – Mr S Nagraj has discussed many experiences from his professional career. However, he has always taken them positively and worked on them. He along with his team at Infosys has followed the Can-Do Approach and overcome all the hurdles.
  4. Loyalty – Very good point he has shared. The team will be stronger when everyone has some thought process, a common path to follow & vision to achieve. He is proud of his team at Infosys where he has served 31 Years.
  5. Long-Term Vision –  He has advised Zimozi to keep Long Term vision by giving an example of Infosys. He said Infosys has been founded by 7 Engineers in Pune in the Year 1981. In two years in 1983, they relocated to Bangalore where Mr S Nagaraj joined and secured 1005 Employee ID, the 5th recruited Employee over there. The Journey from 5 Employees to Two Millionth Employees & counting is on, took more than 35 Years. Not only headcount, but the annual turnover has also been consistently grown along with Services, Products and Acquisitions.
  6. Learning – From day 1, Zimozi has Daily Learning Culture for every team member. Mr S Nagraj has shared the same. Learning should be a never-ending process. In order to stay ahead of your counterparts, everyone in the team should learn advanced technologies and stay updated.

Some Moments from the Meeting

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Zimozi is fortunate to have leaders such as Mr S Nagraj & very thankful & appreciate him for sharing his work experience. It was very nice to know about his journey and the experiences he has gained.

We believe that people are our most important asset. We are constantly working to build a great organization by attracting, developing and retaining the best talent.

Our company’s culture is one of openness and transparency, which allows for honest feedback and constructive criticism.

Overall, Zimozi is a company that is focused on the future. We are investing in next-generation leaders and cutting-edge technologies that will help us to drive digital transformation for our clients across the globe.

Zimozi is also investing heavily in artificial intelligence and cloud computing. We believe these technologies will be key drivers of digital transformation in the years to come. Zimozi has already developed several AI-powered products and services on the Mobile & Web domains for our clients. We are also working on a new architecture using advanced Technologies which would help Banking & Fintech businesses to develop faster & Scale indefinite.

Having Mr S Nagraj with us will help us provide even better customer service and support to our clients.