Track and process mileage reimbursements easily with kliks ios, android and web solutions



To develop groundbreaking product in the Mileage Tracking Apps domain.



Zimozi was chosen by Kliks to design and develop the World class Mileage tracking App on Mobile & Web domain end to end.

Rich UI/UX

Rich UIUx

Quick & Easy
Sign up Process

easy sign in process
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Hassle Free
Reimbursement &
Approval Process


To capture user profile, license, registration details.

Calculate trips and record them.

Recording of trips should continue even when user is offline and Application is running in the background.

Scalable solution to onboard a large user base. Optimization of battery usage while App is in use and Trips being recorded.

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Kliks GPS tracker supports tracking of trips automatically and manually with high accuracy based on GPS locations.

Tracked trips can be easily captured in real time and submitted by users for reimbursement.

Calculates trip statistics based on recorded GPS tracks (Display total trip time, traffic stops not accounted, start / stops precisely noted, trip map displayed).

Recording of trips even if application is in the background and offline


Cryptocurrency App serves

FuzeBolt- A Cryptocurrency App aims to serve the users for the purpose of return earning, wealth growth/protection, and empowering spending in day-to-day life.

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Triton-A rich website design and maintained

Custom designed, fully responsive, high security with complete SEO Web App delivered​

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