FuzeBolt – Crypto App Serves People’s Investment Goals

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Cryptocurrency App serves People with their investment Goals

The Project

The aim of the project is to create the logo design process and Mobile App Development for an innovative FinTech industry start-up Fuzebolt. We aim to inspire the whole financial industry to embrace the future by merging different realities and adding a new dimension to financial industry that opens endless possibilities.

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The Background

Fuzebolt aimed to reform the industry of trading platforms, investment, and payment processing which led the Company to expose a potential multi-trillion USD market size Worldwide. FuzeBolt was an idea to help everyone understand the technology and build awareness around it. It serves the users for the purpose of return earning, wealth growth/protection, and empowering spending in day-to-day life.

Services Offered

  • User Experience Designing
  • User Interface Designing
  • Logo Design and Branding
  • Mobile App Design and Development

The Challenges

The team of Zimozi ensured that the Custom Mobile App Development is executed after consultation with the Crypto and Trading experts. Due to the changing environment within the financial industry, including increased competition, regulatory requirements, and evolving customer demand, the application requires the selection, execution, and governance of initiative investments to meet business commitments and deliver value to the organization. The task set for our designers was to create a logo that feels modern, friendly, and signals (FuzeBolt). It was a great challenge to create a cross-platform design language that makes such a solution available for everyone.

The Solution

After user research and marketing research, our designer worked on several stylistic directions and provided a creative logo representing their brand. The customised mobile application is also developed to meet the business requirement.

Secure Login

Fintech apps carry a lot of privacy risks and that is why most people feel uncomfortable sharing their financial and private information. If you want your app to be used by as many people as possible, you need to highlight how safe it is beside the benefits it provide to users.

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Investing your own hands with easy access investment tools. Redeem gold in to FuzeCoins

Secure Gold Redemption

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Sending Gifts

FuzeBolt 0.1

Fuze Trade

Trading, like any high-performance endeavour, requires skill, focus, and disciplineTrading, like any high-performance endeavour, requires skill, focus, and discipline. FuzeBolt gives a wonderful trading experience.

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Fuze Wallet

Gives the detailed statement of Currency, Bond and Fuze coins. Sending money is faster and easier than using cards or cash.

FuzeBolt 0.0

The Result

FuzeBolt was created for its user who are struggling with financial system and seek a simpler, smarter and more intuitive experience to the financial services they have in one place.


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